Getting too friendly and personal with customers


Do you think it is all right to be too friendly with the customer? I have met several marketing people who are good with rapport that on their second visit they act like a long time friend. Even with phone calls, the conversation would always turn a bit personal as if I was talking to a friend. I think that is good but there should be some limitations.


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The truth of the matter is that as a marketer, you would have to use any good strategy that would help you create a deep connection with your business clients in order to have the opportunity to secure their full loyalty. Remember that your company is not only the one offering the same services, so it's your relationship with the clients that builds their patronage.


I know of some cases where the purchasing officer had been too friendly with the marketing officer of their suppliers that later on they were suspected of an anomalous transaction. It actually happened in our office when the purchasing officer was given a package of free trip abroad. It was supposed to be a secret and when it was uncovered by our boss, the purchasing officer had to resign otherwise he will face stiff sanctions.