Gaining headway on the basis of trends


In one company that imports leather goods, they have an employee whose only work is to scour the internet for the trends related to their business. When the leather bags became so popular, they knew that the next big thing in leather items will be the men’s wallet. And it was proven right when they were able to cash in with the advanced importation of branded leather wallet for men.


I understand that market trends should be taken seriously especially when there is a hype of new products. When the herbal supplements came to fore, it was not expected to be forming an industry of its own. Some good businessmen pioneered in the supply chain of those products that I know some of them are so wealthy today. However trends should be studied carefully and with caution.


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It's all about taking a business opportunity first before it becomes a general public knowledge which would increase the rate of competition in such industry or project. Finding out about a new business or project prospect that would be of great interest to the public, investing in them and getting much stock would definitely gurrantee increase in profit making on both short term and long term basis.