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Depends on what country. Normally freight forwarders have a fixed fee, customs clearance are mostly fixed fees, duties are declared cif value.
I think that I would go with your assessment here on this issue solely dependent on what country one operates from because things differ from one country to another with freight forwarding. In my country, we wake to to new outcomes on daily basis with freight forwarding.


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There is no other industry that can benefit as much as logistics from digital transformation. Currently, the industry has access to so much valuable data, which when utilized properly can lead to improved performance and generate many more loyal customers. In fact, the freight management industry is expected to grow from USD 10.76 billion (as achieved in 2018) to USD 17.45 billion in 2023.

Based on the complexity of procedures and growing logistics demand, two essential factors that influence the entire supply chain are speed and efficiency. These factors, which can be streamlined through technology, offer a competitive edge to logistics providers.

Investing in a robust logistics software can reduce the hassle of several logistics processes. Let’s see how.

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