Freight rate monitoring


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Hello :)

I work in the commodity business and anticipating freight trends is of the upmost importance for us. I am currently struggling to obtain reliable, consistent and systematic data on such trends (for some identified key lanes).

Do you know any website I should look at?

My scope of analysis: container freight rates, sea shipments only

Thank you


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Re: Freight rate monitoring

I personally do not track freight rates, but I would suggest that you pick some of the bigger companies to monitor and perhaps come up with your own tracking schedule? Perhaps there aren't many good comparison sites that have come up online just yet for storage and movement of items in freight and you can come up with one and make easier for all the rest of us! Haha! Just an idea though!


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Re: Freight rate monitoring

Well for this you can check DHL for the freight monitoring, i think they hace scopes for freight rates etc. You can also check BR International Logistics Pty Ltd or get some quote for the freight rates that you need to know. Either way they are the same with regards to the industry, same logistics industry and freight industry. Feel free to check.