Fictional S&OP Scenario HELP!


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I am trying to draw up a fictional group example for my company to VERY SIMPLY show the importance and the underpinnings of the S&OP process. I work in a CPG environment and wanted to have a group activity where everyone is faced with the same question, but each group (maybe 3 of them) are given different information on the question and are asked to make a decision based on the information they are given. Then once the decisions are made, pull all the information together and select the correct decision, showing the importance of collaboration and making strategic decisions in as integrated way. Anybody able to help me out on a fictional scenario I can adopt and present to the company?

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Re: Fictional S&OP Scenario HELP!

This should be pretty easy for you to build yourself; follow the below steps for a Base S&OP

1) Create a range of Products
2) Create Production facilities, for example, 4 Production Lines, A,B,C, and D
3) Create Restrictions on Production, for example Product 1 can only be produced on Lines A and D, Product 2 only on Line C...etc
4) Create Demand for each Product
5) Create deadline to supply for each product

That is your base S&OP scenario..

To give each team a challenge, add an additional restriction to each team, for example;

1) Team 1 has to contend with Production Line Downtime and Maintenance schedules
2) Team 2 has to contend with last minute Demand changes
3) Team 3 has to contend with Raw Material shortages and delays in Supply

You can make it as easy or as challenging as you want, even if in some cases you make it impossible to achieve the goal it will be interesting to see how each team comes up with other solutions.