FarEye Fights Corona


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If you are an organization making home deliveries of daily essential items, FarEye will provide its solution - FarEye SERVE, free of cost until 30 June 2020, and will continue supporting the cause till situation is made better. The organizations can use this technology remotely and instantly by registering online. This will enable partners with intelligent routing, contactless deliveries through the wallet-enabled app with no card and cash transactions and onboarding temporary staff immediately. The solution also offers a smartphone app for drivers to ensure real-time communication with customers.

Know more here https://www.getfareye.com/fareye-fights-corona.php

Watch, how is COVID19 affecting deliveries here



I am curious with the term intelligent routing. Is that using the GPS to instruct the delivery to the proper direction? Here it is common to deviate from the traditional route because of the heavy traffic on the main roads but it is not easy to use the secondary roads for there might be a portion of the road with obstructions that the truck couldn’t go forward. When that happens, you can imagine the wasted time.
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