Exploiting the internet for the business


Have you noticed that the internet seems to be the major avenue of marketing lately? Yesterday I was checking on one resort and I got a long list of sites that offer a listing of resorts. It looks like businesses are now turning their attention to the search engines for their marketing strategy which I think is the right idea because online marketing is cheap compared to the usual style of marketing before the internet. We can also take advantage of social media.


I believe that the internet is now taking care of 50% of the industries in terms of marketing and even communication of demand and supplies. It’s not actually exploiting but making good use of the internet for the needs of the business. Even advertising is now shifting to the internet instead of the expensive billboards. You will see the short ads in the social media which are somehow getting effective.


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E-commerce is a sector of the economy that includes all financial and trading transactions carried out using computer networks, and business processes associated with such transactions