ERP: SAP or open source?


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Hi every one,

I'm currently looking for an ERP for my company. I've read on the internet that there were open source ERPs and that you didn't have to pay the license for these ones. If that's the case, what does a private ERP like SAP offer compared to an open source ERP? I guess that if big companies prefer to go for a licensed ERP there must be a reason (better quality, technical suport, more options, security issues...) but I don't really know.

Thanks for your help

Jerry Martin

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Re: ERP: SAP or open source?

Uh oh. So well. In general, open source software isn't worst or better than their proprietary counterpart. As they're free, you may more easily give them a try and if one SAP software look more appealing, you may go for it after. That's not especially my recommendation but the freedom feeling often helps.

About the support, it depends of the open source software you get. Some companies offer support - at a cost - while some others just leave the software, you may report bugs and tell that you need help but if it's free it also means that it's not their responsibility to fix the bug. They may do so if they want, but if you don't pay, it means you don't pay developers for doing it, so you should rather take support or hire devs yourself if you find really the software interesting enough.


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Re: ERP: SAP or open source?

There is of course a third option that is not SAP or open source, Intenda Solution Suite(ISS). They offer various supply chain management modules within their software ranging from asset management and tracking to contract management. They generally offer a once of purchase price and then do a year on year licensing and support fee that allows the users access to Intenda's first line support help desk. Most of their projects require on-site consulting support to enable the client to customise the system without the need to work with head office. I would see them as a definite option for your company.


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Re: ERP: SAP or open source?

Hello @Mercador,

When deciding whether going SAP or open source, the first logical step is making a list of the features you really can't live without as well as a list for the “goodies”, which are features that can be great if they're present but which aren't necessarily a deal breaker if they're not available in the open-source software.

Next, you want to take your time to review the list of most popular open-source ERP software. You can find a nice list at Wikipedia:

The overall savings you can get certainly justify checking the open alternatives.

You can do it in your spare time hence it's not really costing you cash. It is always better to lose some spare time than actual money :)