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I am actually looking for a real world example of a company/organization where ERP based inventory cycle counting program has been implemented. I have read a lot of books/articles/publications on cycle counting but did not find any real world case study or example that shows the $$ savings and benefits of implementing cycle count program in an organization. I would really appreciate if someone can recommend any company name where CC was implemented successfully and it reaped up a lot of benefits for them. I have heard of Delta Airline implementing it but could not find any material/paper. If anyone knows any papers/publications where I can find a real world examples, it will be greatly appreciated.


CC means Cycle Couting

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Re: ERP based Cycle Counting Real World Example


Welcome to the forum, i hope you find it useful.

You have mentioned that you have read various books on the subject, if yoiu havent already read it, I would suggest you take the time to read the following;

'Inventory Record Accuracy - Unleashing the Power of Cycle Counting' by Roger Brooks & Larry Wilson

The book not only give an in depth series of steps for implementing a robust cycle count program, but it also goes into detail as to why, and the benefits to be obtained, although no case studies are cited, the benefits are clearly explained.

For a real case study, I would suggest that you research any information you can on a 3pl company called Cert Octavian, one of their distribution centres, the site in Middleton, Manchester UK, introduced a manual PI program and were able to obtain stock accuracy in excess of 98% from a starting level of less than 85%. They were able to achieve this within 6 months.

I hope this helps.



Re: ERP based Cycle Counting Real World Example

Many companies have used or are currently using cycle counting. And Establishing a working and effective cycle counting process requires a company to go through three phases of activities! Nice resource!


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:eek: Our company does the inventory counting every month .And may be will import the ERP systems next year .