Double stacking pallets inside trucks


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Is anyone using a solution for double stacking pallet inside trucks, increase utilization of each truck? A solution/rack/support to assembler inside trucks.
My company is interested in using this for internal transportation, instead of wasting money on double deck trucks. Is there any good solution you know about that is fast to assemble?
Thanks in advance


The problem here that I see is the overloading of trucks which means if there would be double-stacking then that would surely make for an overloaded truck. You are right that it saves a lot on the extra trip and the expenses for personnel but it is not good for the roads. There are weighing stations for trucks before and I wonder why they are not being used anymore. Maybe the trucking companies have bribed them.


The double deck trucks are designed for the stacking of the pallets that is based on the design. When a truck is not designed for high stacking of pallets then it can cause an accident especially when the truck is running over the speed limit. Even when turning, a truck with double stacking is risky for it can overturn.