Doing marketing with the help of connections


My niece was hired in the bank as a marketing officer and the major task is to get new clients. Offering a service is not as easy as selling products so I advised my niece to seek help from her connections. First are the relatives and next are the friends and not to forget the former school mates and acquaintances. It looked successful because she is doing good in her job and is nearing a promotion this year.


Some marketing jobs really need to have connections to survive. There are many in the field of marketing who were terminated for lack of sales simply because they didn’t have the right connections in the industry. This may serve a warning to those young employees who are seeking a position in the marketing department that you have to be careful with the position you are applying for.


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Marketing - an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, promoting and delivering a product or service to customers and managing relationships with them for the benefit of the organization