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Good afternoon!

My situation:

Currently I am studying logistics at university: my task is to transport technical equipment from Canada (Toronto) to Lithuania (Klaipeda) using minimum two means of transport. I cannot transport my cargo just by ship from one point to another: firstly, I have to deliver cargo to one of the EU ports and after that to continue by railway or road transport. My knowledge about customs documents is very low and I do not understand some concepts. I would like to ask your help to clarify some confusing points.

My problem:

For example, I am transporting my technical equipment directly from port of Toronto to port of Rotterdam or Hamburg and after that I am continuing by truck. What documents should I have to be perfect on customs?

I have checked books and different resources, but I am confused and cannot find the right information.

My list:

1. Contact between two companies;
2. Commercial invoice;
3. Customs value declaration (If value of the imported goods exceeds €10 000. Form DV 1);
4. Bill of Lading (port of Toronto - port of Rotterdam or Hamburg);
5. CMR (Rotterdam/Hamburg - Klaipeda);
6. Packing list;
7. Freight insurance;
8. Certificate of origin;
9. Single Administrative Document.

Could you tell me which status should I write in this Single Administrative Document, please? T1/T2/IM ?
Have I mentioned all necessary documents or I have forgotten something important?

Thank you very much for your help! I understand that my message does not seem serious, but this task could help me to understand the situation better and avoid mistakes in the future.

Have a great day!


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Re: Documents for customs. Canada - The EU.

Sorry I can't help with this one. Hopefully another member can.

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