Determining the market trends


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It seems to me that big companies are forgetting to check on the market trends especially if their business is going great. This is particular to the products that have short life span like apparels and personal accessories. The market trend should always be considered before placing the order especially if the order takes a month or longer to be delivered. It may be that the product is already obsolete when it arrives.


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The back slide of this act of negligence on the part of these big companies is continuous drop in their products sales over time. Maybe as a result of their surplus clients, it wouldn't reflect instantly but within the space of 2-3 years it will definitely be visible when they take full inventory. Trends is something that keeps changing over time, it's never static for too long especially when customers have different taste drive. In fact, it's in best interest of these companies to conduct surveys every now and then in order to know what their customers are looking forward to.


The market trends is very important when your company is into buying or selling in bulk. There are products that easily get high prices overnight and with sudden dip of prices as well. If you are caught flat-footed in purchasing products in high price but tomorrow the value would be down then it is clearly your company is certain to lose from that purchase.
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