Damaged stocks by fortuitous event


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It cannot be denied that fortuitous events can ruin the business when the stocks are damaged heavily. Like the phenomenal flooding of the metro in 2009, no one expected the floodwaters to reach that high as to damage almost every homes and establishments. So many vehicles were submerged in floodwaters for more than 48 hours so you can imagine the damage that the flood wrought on us. Maybe an insurance for the stocks would be a good protection.


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I agree, I understand this more than anyone else, because I constantly analyze the cryptocurrency market and evaluate all the possible risks. Of course there are such ratings as https://www.crypto-rating.com/ico-rating/ , this makes it possible to get the necessary information on one resource. But in order to study and understand the market in detail, it takes years of much information to be learned, and then you can minimize your risks as much as possible.


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It cannot be avoided if the warehouse is situation in a low-lying area that even if the land was raised the flooding can still be a threat. When the stocks are damaged then the recourse would be to go on a “fire sale” which means the products are damaged and being sold at a cheap price. However it would depend on the kind of product in the warehouse if it can still be sold or not after the fortuitous event.


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Maybe an insurance for the stocks would be a good protection. == > absolutely agree with this. My factory used to be in floodwater two years ago and all costs were paid by insurance side. we should spend a little fee for insurance per month and will not be pity in future. Insurance side said that they had returned whole all the money which my company spent.