Customer service representative as marketers


Some people have this misconception that customer service representative's job is solely on communicating with the company's clients to solve one problem or another for them but in essence, they are fully part of the marketing team because they also educate the public who are part of the customer base of the company about their new products and services. If they fail in this duty, they whole marketing process will be affected.


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I think the customer service staff has a different job from a marketer although I cannot discount the fact that they also deal directly with the client. The usual work of a customer service in a supply chain company is to receive complaints on the deliveries that they are actually the shock absorbers instead of the marketing staff.


The truth is that customer service representative job description is different from that of a core marketer but obviously in some sectors and companies, they seem to twist in the two job together in order to cut cost. I have witnessed a staff working both jobs as one and still get paid as just a customer service representative. Some companies really know how to abuse their staff especially in situations where people are desperate to get a job.


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I think it is just the name that matters but there are customer service people who also handles the dispatching of the goods for loading onto the delivery trucks. But with the marketing perhaps it is a different area that is handled by marketing people. Again, there are marketing people who also handles the dispatching but that is not a regular task since it is out of his jurisdiction.