Cost saving, Productivity improvements


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Hi folks I am new here, I've been working at my current warehouse for the past 2 years and have been working in warehousing for the last 14 years. Either in a supervisor role or a technician role.

I've been asked by my warehouse manager to provide a list of improvement ideas before meeting for discussion (all potential project should serve two main purposes: cost saving, productivity improvements).

My current warehouse is far too lax in my opinion:
Examples; cellphones allowed and used too much in my opinion.
- some employees not wearing uniforms, but they still are working.
- break times set by employee ie. you can take break whenever you want during the 8 hour shift.
- shift update emails containing information like production supported or very busy today, to me that's like saying water is wet or the sky is blue.
- the attitude of leave it for the next shift is prevalent
- can cross training be made mandatory? some employees know how to do multiple tasks while others know the bare minimum so they do the minimum. the pay is the same between the two employees.
- overall the place has the attitude of a union shop but there is no union lol

I have to present this in a roundtable with coworkers some of whom have been there for 15 years and have gotten "comfortable". So it will be awkward. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.


I have also seen the use of mobile phones by employees in some warehouses and I am not comfortable with that laxity. We all know that the mobile phone takes away the focus of the person especially when the user is surfing the internet. The rest of items in the list are petty but they add to the impression that there is a big room for improvement in the operation. Maybe you can consult an efficiency engineer or a methods analyst to provide a clear-cut procedures for an efficient operation.


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The issue of using mobile phones at workplace is a cause of serious debate so far with so many divided views on the matter. There are so many people supporting it and there are quite many totally against it, each with a very good reason to back up their stance. Personally, I'm not really against it but on how it's used. If it's a matter of urgency or emergency, it's important to make use of the phones but if it's for a casual catch up call, I'm totally against it because it would affect the worker's work output as a result of being a distraction.