Coronavirus Pandemic: Why We Need Robust Supply Chains Now More Than Ever


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More than 3,35,000 cases of Coronavirus have surfaced globally. Country-wide lockdowns are quickly expanding, triggering an avalanche of uncertainties about the future and the simple practicalities of life. When crises like these occur, our carnal instinct to survive kicks in. Fortunately today this instinct is accompanied by digital technologies. In Wuhan, the first city affected by COVID-19, the lockdown triggered panic buying of food, medicines and other essentials, emptying supermarkets.

Here Read, Why We Need Robust Supply Chains Now More Than Ever


The panic buying is causing a problem in the supplies. In my last trip to the supermarket, I had seen for myself the half-empty racks of food items mostly the basic food like bread, eggs, fruit juice and milk. It was good that there were fresh vegetables and fruits. Now that got me thinking why the perishable goods are enough but the canned and those in cartons seem to be missing.