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Do anyone have any research on construction industry particularly in cost efficient material management in highway construction projects? Conducting several highway construction projects at a time with efficient material management, keeping supply chain positioning model in mind, allocating limited human resources and deploying minimum possible TL which are considered as a crucial factor now a days for leading construction companies in south asian countries.

Considering JIT methodology is not feasible in south asian business perspectives, what types of inventory control mechanism would you suggest to ensure maximum value generation from the process. In general 3-4 km of highways per months are considered as bench marked output from a single project.

If a SC Controller would like to minimize 5% of cost from the project per month, which method of material management would you suggest? Please share your expert experience and advice.


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A cousin of mine is president of an engineering company that builds buildings and roads particularly in the rural areas. What I saw in their system of logistics is to build a makeshift warehouse near the site. Made from light materials, the warehouse will serve as storage for the needed materials including not only cement bags and steel bars but also gravel and sand that is piled beside the warehouse. He said that there should be an ample number of guards to secure the place in order to avoid the loss from stealing (presumably by the residents in the area).