Computer system that serves all units of the company


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I am not aware with new software being used in the industry but my idea of a computer system is one that is using a network which connects to the central office not only the warehouse branches and customers but also the personnel. One example is the biggest hardware store here that they use their database for the convenience of their sales personnel. With a tablet connecting connected to the database of stocks, the sales attendant can instantly provide the customer the price and the availability. I was amazed with that computer system.


In our bank we do not have a system that covers the entire operation although the modules are inter-connected seamlessly which means the user will think that it is just one big application that handles the entire system. In that software of the hardware store that you mentioned, my take is just the same as the modular design so that any new operation can easily be added to the main menu. But I have to agree that modern systems now can be accessed using mobile gadgets.