Cheap cost of retail delivery


Retailing business is getting ahead of the wholesalers with the quick and convenient delivery that is pegged at a minimal cost. A product no matter the cost has a delivery charge of only $1 which is very minimal. The delivery vehicle is a motorcycle that consumes little fuel and the driver accepts the little service fee. The trick is to keep the area in a limited distance for the delivery so that the delivery charge will be minimal.


I have to agree that cheap delivery cost would be beneficial to both customers and suppliers of goods. Think of a customer who would avail the delivery regularly. He is saved from the effort of going to the store and even be spared of the problems of parking area. With the delivery, he can stay in the business location and just wait for the orders to be delivered.


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All hell's breaking loose since COVID19’s outbreak. While on one side, there are major supply chain fluctuations, there is a sea change on the demand side as well.

To cater to the surging demand for home deliveries especially groceries, sanitizers and food, retailers are struggling to scale delivery operations in minimal costs

In these tumultuous times, we bring to you a ready-to-use plug-and-play, no-code customizable solution which offers to you features such as OTP-based delivery, electronic proof of delivery, payment gateway integration, cash reconciliation, driver app and more. FarEye is your answer to handle scalability issues especially when demand is fluctuating.

Let’s stay in this fight together and ensure these disruptions don’t come in the way of us and our customers.


@nammitta.dutta your suggestion looks good on the outset but I’m sure a prospective user should look deeper because we are not talking of an application but a holistic approach to the entire operation. But with the present situation of the grim climate in the business industry, it is best to exercise caution with such investments and enhancements to operation. Maybe it can wait until the situation goes back to normal.