Being bullied by big companies


This issue is not confined to logistics industry but almost in any other industry here. Big companies would be bullying small companies with the intention of buying. I remember the issue of the beer factory that was bought by the biggest beer factory here. But before the buyout, the new beer company was being harassed. Their trucks were blocked (seeming to be unintentionally but actually deliberate) and it came to a point that their drivers were being pirated. It would be a big disadvantage if a small company will be bullied especially when there is shortage of capitalization. I would agree to a sellout.


Pardon me if you are Chinese but I am seeing this kind of bullying by China not only in the south China Sea issue but in commerce. Our country is deluged with very cheap imported products from China that tends to kill our industries from farming up to manufacturing. I see that as a kind of bullying since our country is small and could not protest against that unfair trade practice.


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Bullying can come in so many forms, take for instance it might not be physical bullying but one the small companies can never be able to cope with such as dumping of products at cheap prices compared to what the small companies offer. In such cases, there is no way such small companies would be able to compete with the big guns in the same business and as a result of that, they will definitely be forced out of business or sell out. Personally, I think there should be laws in place to safeguard small companies from such bullies.