Article Forum Rules - Please read before posting


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SJ and I have had a number of approaches from people wanting to post articles that have been previously published. That might have been on line somewhere, or in print media.

In principle I don't have a problem with that, as long as it benefits SCF members. This is not an article competition, but merely a libraray of articles.

I guess we need some rules. So here goes:

Article Rules are:

  1. 500-3,000 words
  2. Each article to be submitted in its own thread within this article library forum. This will allow other members to comment on it.
  3. The article title must be the thread title.
  4. The article must be on a Supply Chain related topic.
  5. Must not breach commercial confidentiality. ie giving away your employers secrets.
  6. Must be written in English.
  7. Must not be openly promotional / advertising. It must be of value to SCF members.
  8. Must not contain more than 2 hyperlinks.
  9. The person posting the article must have the author's or publisher's permission to do so.
  10. Any article deemed to breach the rules may be deleted.
  11. Moderators decisions on the rules, and on deletion will be final.
  12. Persistent breaches of the rules will lead to the member being banned.
  13. The authors will allow Supply Chain Focus to use the articles as it wishes.

Sorry for all the rules, (we are fairly casual here) but I think we need to ensure that the use of this forum is fair and not abused.

Basically the article competition is for amateur writers and to encourage members to participate more.

This new Article Library is for articles of a more professional standard, that might already have been published elsewhere.