All just Hype?


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RFID is the favorite topic at conferences these days and is being held up as the next great advance in Supply Chain management, but I am yet to see many examples of it at work. Any famous names out there in Logistics Land that are using it effectively?
everything I have heard is about customers "trialing" the technology, but all within their own supply chain, not going outside of their 4 walls so far. Amcor have implemented a good solution for tracking their paper rolls within their mills.

Interesting (well I thought it was interesting) it is not the actual problem of what RFID tag and what reader to use but how do we use the data, these tags are transmitting all this data and and you need to implement systems to use all this data to enable you to make good business decisions, now that is the hard part!


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Re: All just Hype?

I'm not sure it is all just hype, although no doubt there is quite a bit of that too. I have heard of applications being used by the military to track shipping containers, that have been in use for some years.


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Re: All just Hype?

I think most of the stuff advertised and the supposed benefits are mostly generated by consultants and suppliers. Like anything it will have applications but wont be a pancea. By the way does anybody have any examples of users tackling the problems of filtering and making sense of the huge amount of data that will be generated by the implementation of a fully RFID'd, (Is that a word?) facility?


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Re: All just Hype?

Probably fair to say that the cost/benefits of RFID are still be explored. Sure there are a few companies using it effectively, but the broader uptake is still a long way off I reckon. IMHO.