Air Cargo Handling/Storage/Movement Solution (IT/Machine/Equipment) Provider


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My name is Rizki and i just been rotated to new logistic department. So basically i am still new at logistic world.

Currently i was assigned to find out the best Air Cargo Handling/Storage/Movement Solution (IT/Machine/Equipment) Provider (especially with track record providing system to major international aiport such as Changi, Hongkong, Narita etc.

So if any body could recommend some major solution provider much appreciated


Rizki A


This may not be my main line but I remember one trader of imported goods that they only rely on Fedex. I know that there are other cargo shippers and carriers in your country particularly with the ports that you mentioned and it is better to manually check the list in your search one by one. If I were you I would choose the big carriers that have proven in time their good service.


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thanks for the reply, but actually I was referring to the system provider for air cargo management in the airport, if I am not mistaken at change airport use system from Pteris Global Co.Ltd Singapore,


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After looking up several resources on what I can find about your question, this link lead to the best in my opinion an option that would most likely be help give you an insight to your new job description since you are still new on the job.

So, do take your time and study it thoroughly maybe you will find something useful in it.