A new software made to help the business owners.


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I come to you all with the news of a software made for the modern businessman, or anyone who's thinking of becoming one.
The field service software that im going to tell yo about is a software that helps you talk to your workers, and your customers.
You are able keep track of the problems your employees are facing, you can assist them in those problems. You can talk to your clients instantly.
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Re: A new software made to help the business owners.

It looks like a helpful software. Did I understand it correctly that the employees need to use an app?


I am curious about this software you are telling us because a software needs a computer (or a mobile gadget) to be functional. I guess you can talk to the client with that software but how could you talk to your workers when they are handling the forklift and the crates inside the warehouse? If you are hinting on the mobile app for that then I guess the messenger or Facebook chat will do and you do not need any software for that matter. I know of several companies that use the Facebook chat by creating a group chat so that one message can be read by everyone who is included in the group chat.


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Literally, what I'm trying to pick out here is a situation whereby the company tries to improve the relationship between them and their workers. I really wonder if a medium for such purpose isn't already in place? There are so many chat messenger available that can offer such opportunity for the company to keep tabs on their workers and business activities. The company can have a dedicated group chat to pass across and receive information from all members of their paid staff.


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The software is one of the types of software support, along with technical (hardware), mathematical, informational, linguistic, organizational, methodological and legal support


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Customer tracking is the best way to keep hold of your already existing clients by being able to provide all their needs because you had all the necessary information from them which enables you to serve them better. I'm not surprised hearing about an application being able to do that because technically the use of social media is very effective in such situations.