1. Heatman

    Are customers always right?

    Buying and selling is always crowned with the quote that "Customers are always right" and as such, they should be always treated well in order to have their loyalty and continued patronization of the company's products and services. Now, when it's obvious that the customer is blatantly out of...
  2. B

    What times at your work place difficult for you?

    How do you deal with it? Human resource programs, counseling, seminars and training for individual human resource development are beneficial to the moral and spirit of the place of work. Simply put, if you are the employer, do you allow for a friendly chat with your employees any time of the...
  3. C

    How to deal with a staff member's attitude.

    How would you say is the best way to deal with someone that has a lazy and unprofessional attitude? If they have been given warnings, is there any other way than to sack them? I would say o as once a lazy fool, always a lazy fool. But what would your strategy be?