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    best/worst supply chian software

    What would you say is the best and the worst supply chain software programs you have used? We are looking into deciding on software and a quick Google search has shown that the whole issue is a lot more complicated than anticipated! For our company, it would mainly involve...
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    I am looking for a job in NY, NJ, CT area, but can move, if necessary.

    Contact info: odessa12 (arf) OBJECTIVE: I would like to combine and use gained work experience with my BA in Economics. I am looking for Full or Part Time job in Analysis, Planning or Operations in NJ/NY/CT area(but may consider relocation for the right opportunity). I am...
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    Hello from the Port of New Jersey

    My name is Michael de Sousa and I am with a Logistics company here in the port of New Jersey. I deal with warehousing, trucking and value added services. If anyone has any questions or concerns that I can help them with , please feel free to contact me. I look forward to reading all of the...