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    Easy Steps to become a Supply Chain Leader!

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    Supply Chain Planning Made Easy!

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  3. H

    Trends followed in supply chain management

    Supply chain management requires skilled expertise to manage the flow of products or information from the source as raw materials till the end products reach the customers. With the growing technology, everything is becoming simpler. So how do you think technology influence the supply chain...
  4. G

    Taking Advantage of the Trends

    Hello everyone! :) Some business owners and suppliers here in my country have taken the chance to increase their sales and the demand of their products by taking advantage of the Pokemon Go craze that has been the talk of the town these past few weeks. Restaurants and snack houses have...
  5. G

    Management of Supplies During Calamities

    Storm season is usually a calamity prone season on my part of the world. During such calamities supplies of basic goods such as sugar, canned goods, noodles, rice etc are greatly affected because of increased demands but there are not enough supplies. Most calamity stricken areas are being...
  6. R

    Does Supply Chain Management Use System Dynamics?

    Well I was just browsing around and I saw some posts about the general theory of supply chain management and getting more of an idea of where it falls in the academic field, and I was just curious to see if there are any aspects of supply chain management that deal specifically with systems...
  7. S

    Hello everyone

    I am new here. I have always been interested in the business of supply chains and this definitely is an excellent forum to start off with.
  8. TopLink

    Benchmarking for Better Supply Chains - Article

    A great article from Sponsors Logistics Bureau Benchmarking for Better Supply Chains | Logistics Bureau
  9. Rob O'Byrne

    Supply Chain Network 'Shape'

    A major challenge I see for many organisations is the ‘shape’ of their Supply Chain network. OK, what do I mean by shape? Quite simply I mean the physical nodes, facilities and product flows. All the way from the point of Supply to the Customer. Just think about your own Supply Chain for a...
  10. Rob O'Byrne

    Seven Supply Chain Sins

    Are you Guilty? Or perhaps you would create a different list? Please do comment below. I’ll be sharing these Supply Chain Sins at our next free Supply Chain Seminars. And of course revealing some easy to fix solutions. Registration link coming soon. Why Seven? I’ve been in a very fortunate...
  11. S

    EOQ and Varying Demand

    Hi, I am new to the supply chain field (graduate applying for a job). I am currently loooking at some client data where I am given the following: Safety Stock, Lead time, Lead demand, Annual demand, and EOQ. The problem I am confronting however is that given the lead demand I can see that...
  12. Y

    UK - London - Solution Architect (Supply Chain Focus)

    Hi Guy/Girls, I am looking for a Solution Architect to join our team on a permanent basis. The solution architect must have supply chain experience with retail experience. If you know anyone who might be interested we also do a referral fee, so email them across to me at