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    eProcurement Software in SaaS ???

    Would you prefer to have eProcurement Software Solutions in SaaS or in traditional licensing version. Why? Why does companies willing to pay high dollar for software's from well known company when the similar software or better software available from small/ growing software provider for much...
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    SURVEY - Construction Supply Chain

    Hello, please take this 3 mins SURVEY about the Effect of SRM on the Construction Supply Chain, its part of my masters dissertation. thanks alot and highly appreciated. survey link: Regards, Serge Issa
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    Supply Chain & Operations Management Seminar Chain Act 2010

    Hi Everybody, This is Praveen from Pune, Studying Supply chain & Operations Management from International School of Business & Management. In this discussion, i want to invite your thoughts about contemporary issues of supply chain and operations in both services and manufacturing industry. We...
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    How do I create a signature?

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie! I was wondering how I create a signature? Your help is very appreciated! Thanks in advance...
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    Supply Chain, The Toyota Sway?

    I like my field, i love supply chain, we have a benchmark in Toyota but I am not sure if I like the Toyota Sway! Prior to the 1980’s, industrial engineering has only adopted a cost saving method and increasing service output through mergers and acquisitions. This method still exists in the...
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    Logistics & Transport Conferences are available online

    I’m a student in Bachelor of Logistic Engineering, in the Higher Institute of Sciences and Techniques in Saint-Quentin (02 ). We organize in sort of working groups, including 4th year and 5th year of university of the same branch, conferences in transport and logistics under the supervision of...
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    E-Supply Chain Management and Business Development

    If the main objectives of E-Supply Chain Management are: - Move the organisation from an Internal to an External Focus - Improve Business Responsiveness and Flexibility - Speed overall processes and reduce associated costs Do you think E-Supply Chain Management can contribute to your company...
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    Who is involved in Purchasing Process?

    Can you please, list any or all positions (job titles) that are involved in Purchasing Process? An Example would be Buyers. But it looks like, this is more like a description, not a job title. What are the job titles that are decision-makers when it comes to working with suppliers? Thanks Sasha
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    SaaS Solutions for Supply Chain Management

    I wonder, if anybody uses saas-based (software-as-a-service) Business Intelligence solutions for your business? If you had a choice with basically same TCO (total cost of ownership), what would you prefer? a build-in enterprise solution, or a solution that is delivered to you as a service, and...
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    Global Suppliers - meet U.S. and Canada Buyers

    Welcome to Welcome to, a web-based, business-to-business community of buyers and supply chain management professionals. is dedicated to collecting and disseminating supplier performance evaluations based on peer to peer...
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    Hello, I'm Marley

    Hi, I'm actually new to the supply industry. I just started working for JaniLink, which is a janitorial supplies equipment, floor machines, burnishers, and carpet cleaning supplies supplier. Whew! I know that's a mouthful. I work on the internet all day promoting their site, and I came across...
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    Datachem SCP software for sale.

    I have a Datachem software for APICS certified Supply chain professional (CSCP) exam for sale. It has over 700 practice questions. I bought it in April 09 for 250$ including shipping. I am asking for $ 150 + $5 for shipping via priority mail. If interested please mail me at
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    The AMR Supply Chain Top 25 – Results & Analysis 2009

    Hi Thought this might be of interest to anyone connected to global supply chains. "The AMR Supply Chain Top 25 – Results & Analysis 2009" Debra Hofman Vice President, Supply Chain Top 25 AMR Research Date: 3rd June 2009 | Time 15:00 CET For the first time to an online audience, Debra...
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    Hello from Philippines

    Hello All... I was browsing the net looking for supply chain improvement and innovation forums :confused:and then I suddenly came accross this site:).. have not fully explored all the posts but I'm really looking forward to talk to you all especially in supply chain matters...;:) I'm...
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    Supply Chain recruiter

    Greetings All -- After a successful career in the non-profit sector as everything from a CEO to a COO to a policy analyst, I have turned my attention, interests, and talents to the world of recruiting. I am now more commonly known as a "headhunter." I enjoy this new mid-life career change...