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    Excited Sharing Ideas

    Hi, I am Ginz Lucena from Philippines. This forum caught my attention since this is related to my job and studies. Hence, I am willing also to share insights about this topic, especially the culture of Supply Chain here in the Philippines, and also some technology we have adopted to...
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    5 Keys to Maximum Inbound Freight Savings

    1. Thorough “up front” benchmarking. Very few healthcare providers require that the 3PL conduct a thorough benchmarking of the suppliers costs, versus the supplier’s costs before implementing. Without a good benchmark to compare future costs, you will never know how much you are really...
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    Need help with => How to Start a Logistic Company?

    I am curios about starting a logistic company as i see free niche in an special market as i have access. I have little experience with logistic so i want to ask you some questions.:) I would be very thankful if i get proper answers about them= :) 1-Is it possible to give logistics service...
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    Supply Chain Logical Questions Discussion

    Suppose A company working in london and producing shirts from manchester of $8 (including raw material). the transportation cost is $5. there is a demand of 100,000 shirts. The weight of transportation per truck is 1 cwb. Weight charges are $1. This shirt is selling in $15 in market. An...
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    ERP concept for Supply Chain management

    Can anyone suggest, how Enterprise resource planning software plays a significant role for your supply chain management ?
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    Supply chain corruption

    What are the best practices to get rid of corruption in Supply chain operation in long run?
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    Pharma Supply Chain Market Research Survey - $100 Compensation

    I am currently recruiting respondents for a 30-minute tele-survey on the challenges and experiences with Pharma drug label reference tools/resources. If you research and/or compare drug labels as part of your job and would like to participate, please complete the qualification survey (5...
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    The strategies should be followed for a successful logistics business

    Sometimes, internal logistics may be the best way to go for a company if supply chain management serves as a value additional point. If the latter part of production plays an important role in sustaining competitive advantage, then it would be wiser to stick to internal logistics. In other...
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    eBook - Supply Chain Secrets - with Free Bonus Downloads

    Supply Chain Secrets – The No. 1 Guide to Saving Your Business Millions. The International expert and author Rob O’Byrne gives his powerful and essential tips and insights based on over 1,400 client assignments across 22 countries. This book shows you how to find the greatest potential for...
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    Supplier Scheduling

    Hello everyone, brand new member to this forum, so I am hoping for some exciting feedback. I am interested to understand why suppliers and retailers still adopt a very manual supplier scheduling process over the new Appointment Scheduling services that are made available today. I feel I am...
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    Research on Logistics and Supply Chain in Dubai

    Dear All, I am a researcher and I am studying the logistics and supply chain industry in Dubai. I request you all to take a small survey of 4 questions that will not take more than 5 minutes of your time. The research results will be shared with you all in this forum. I request you all to take...
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    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh - Job Title: Supply Chain Simulation Expert

    About CEL Consulting In Vietnam and Hong Kong since 2005, CEL Consulting has become the 1st and leading Consulting firm in South East Asia specialized in Operations and Supply Chain. Our team of industrial consultants works on 02 kinds of solutions for our clients: INVESTMENT SUPPORT (design and...
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    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh - Supply Chain Consultant

    Consulting career: It’s time to make a change Global consulting revenues continue to increase, growing from $345 billion in 2010 to $366 billion in 2011 according to Plunkett Research. This growth resides in the fundamentals and cyclical nature of the consulting industry. Consulting grew and...
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    South Bend Indiana US - Logistics Manager Position Available

    The Logistics Manager at Better World Books is at the center of our Supply Chain. This person will oversee the daily operation of the Logistics Department from freight booking, client support to local pick up management. In this position the proper candidate will be asked to support our...
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    Free Half Day Supply Chain Seminars

    For those of you who are based in Australia and SE Asia, you may be interested in the free Supply Chain seminars provided by one of our Major Sponsors - Logistics Bureau. (Rob O'Byrne the Group MD is a member here). The next series of seminars are in late November and are being held in Ho Chi...
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    UK - London - Solution Architect (Supply Chain Focus)

    Hi Guy/Girls, I am looking for a Solution Architect to join our team on a permanent basis. The solution architect must have supply chain experience with retail experience. If you know anyone who might be interested we also do a referral fee, so email them across to me at
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    Enjoy being a Healthcare Material Manager?

    What do you enjoy about being a healthcare Material Manager ?
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    Pilot Study Participants Needed

    Hello, My name is Cynthia Wolfe and I am conducting research as part of degree requirements at Northcentral University. I have developed a survey directed towards supply chain professionals who develop and carry out purchasing strategies. I have also prepared a Pilot Study in advance of...
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    SCF on facebook!

    It's good to see SCF on Facebook. LIKE it. Supply Chain Focus!
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    Marketing the Supply Chain

    “The undirected worker spends more of his time walking about for materials and tools than he does in working; he gets small pay because pedestrianism is not a highly paid line.” – Henry Ford With regards to any discussion involving Supply Chain Management (SCM), the above quote seems...