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    Supply chain challenges in Kenya

    Currently, Kenya is really facing many problems in the economy. Prices have gone higher in a span of short time. All this is caused by the current election which took place on August 8. The results were taken to court as it was said the outcome was not fair. Now there is another election which...
  2. R

    Logistics in India

    Which is the top Cold Chain Logistics Solutions Provider Company in India?
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    New Member at SupplyChainForum - Warehouse Management System

    Hello All, This is Emma from market research industry. We are professionals in warehousing, big data, cloud & supply chain management. Nice to meeting you all on this forum. We have market research reports on Warehouse management system and many others. Download Free Sample Here Thanks
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    Help Needed

    Hi all members, Good Day. I'm new in supply chain profession, but I'm interested to learn about it. I've basic theoretical knowledge about supply chain & logistics. Could anyone please suggest about some books or articles or video so that I can get real life knowledge (Specially - Supply...
  5. S

    Hey Guys...I am New here....!!!!

    Hello guys I am new here and would like to discuss about supply chain and logistics services (which is my interest area). I love to discuss about: DELETED MARKETING LINKS Hope everyone will enjoy my posts...... Thanks
  6. C

    Supply Chains Jobs required in the Oil industry

    First of all, glad to join the Logistics / Supply Chain community here. I have found that the best way to get started in Logistics Jobs in the oil and gas industry is to begin by having a look at an oil & gas specific job board and seeing which roles are available. In my opinion, it's important...
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    [Limited Time Offer] Premium Supply Chain Network Design Course for $10 Only

    Get the Best Selling Supply Chain Network Design Course on Udemy for $10 Only. This is limited time offer and will expire soon.
  8. Rob O'Byrne

    10 Commandments for Supply Chain - Video

    Just a bit of fun, but hopefully a few useful lessons in here too ;)
  9. A

    What is the consensus for recruiters?

    From my time in recruitment, I understand this profession can have a bad reputation. I think recruiters can forget that employers have the same access to candidates, which can devalue our services. I would like to explore different ways to stand out and prove recruiters can add value to job...
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    Hello, recruitment professional here to discover trends in the market

    Hello, My name is Annie and I specialise in the recruitment of procurement and supply chain professionals across the UK and Europe. I have joined the Supply Chain Forum as I wish to keep up with new trends in the market and understand these fields in more depth so that I may assist my...
  11. G

    Income Tax and Value Added Tax

    Unlike in the U.S., Value Added Tax (VAT) is my the government in my country's way of taxing people's consumerism. The long time percentage of VAT here has been 12% but our president has proposed to increase it to 15%, while adjusting income taxes according to monthly income. While the income...
  12. G

    Calamities and Supply Chains

    Hello everyone! :) I have observed that calamities mostly affect the chain of supply in any kind of business. With the negative impact on supplies also come the increase of prices to make up for the limited number of supplies that are available for delivery. Businesses suffer losses not just in...
  13. G

    The Business Planning Method

    Hello everyone! :) Every business has to start with a good business plan in order for the owner to be able to open and run it successfully. It serves as the core guide in starting the business that you want. Each kind of business has its own different way of creating a business plan suited for...
  14. B

    APICS CPIM Giveaway

    Hey guys, I am doing a giveaway on my blog this month. You can enter the giveaway and win a free pass to your next APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) exam.
  15. N

    Myths about outsourcing in general

    The American and asian economy never rest, in fact, as the technology develops further and markets grow in every aspect (specially for supply chains and e-commerce market), previously poor countries in former decades are right now going through a fast growth in regards of manufacture and...
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    Master Supply Chain Optimization & Boost Your Supply Chain Career

    Want to boost your supply chain career? Want to master supply chain optimization? Want to learn the discipline that made Walmart and Amazon two most successful companies on the planet? Take this Udemy bestseller - "The Comprehensive Supply Chain Network Design Course". Worried about taking a...
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    Are supply chain management strategies important?

    supply chain management strategies
  18. K

    Looking for "work from home" Purchasing / Supply Chain position

    I am looking for a Purchasing / Supply Chain position where the work can be done from home. It can be an entry level or experienced level position. If anyone in this community knows where I can find a job like this, please point me in the right direction. The company doesn't have to be a U.S...
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    Check this Head of Procurement role at JD Sports Fashion Plc in Bury, UK

    Greenfield opportunity with leading multi-channel retailer Seeking genuine procurement leaders About Our Client Established in 1981 with a single store in the North West of England, JD Sports Fashion Plc is a leading multi-channel retailer of sports fashion and outdoor brands in the UK and...
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    S&OP theoretical question. Want clarifications.

    I'm having some confusion trying to find out the numeric values for this question. Perhaps if someone can give guidance? Home Depot sells the LawnBoy T650 lawn mowers at 64 stores in the Western US. Weekly demand for the T650 at each of the stores is identical and given by: X ~ Normal (60, 40)...