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    Hi there ! Greetings from Morocco.

    Hello Everyone, I am Amine from Morocco. I just found about SCF and wanted to join the community as I have been working in SC for almost 4 years now. I started first as a process Engineer, and now I am a Customer Service and Planning Manager in the biggest FMCG distributor in Morocco. I...
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    Blockchain Technology and The Supply Chain processes: the case of the One Belt and One Road Initiative (OBOR)

    My name is Sacha Menendian and I am studying for a double Master's Degree at Montpellier Business School in France. As part of my double degree program, I am currently doing my master thesis at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, China. That's the reason why, I am...
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    Consortium or any similar initiatives for future of supply chain

    Hello, Is there an ecosystem (like consortium or any similar initiatives) that jointly works on applying digital technologies, solving supply chain problems or doing research & innovation around the supply chain (preferably/if possible on the Aerospace industry)? We would like to be part of it...
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    Supply Chain Customization to Pace Forward with 3D Designs

    In today's customer-centric business atmosphere, supply chain players a major role in the upliftment of an organization. The better the supply chain, the better is the growth probability. As a result, various businesses are investing heavily in optimizing their supply chain management. To do so...
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    scamming.. dishonest contractors verification

    Hey, guys! I’m happy to join this forum as the Open Packaging Platform representative. I went through some of the threads and found the confirmation of the initial purpose of the solution we released recently! Scamming programs, dishonest contractors and angry buyers keep operating in...
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    Easy Steps to become a Supply Chain Leader!

    Get the best from yourself. Check which skills you already have and which ones you might want to enhance in our newest Ebook '5 Competences Every Supply Chain Planner Needs in 2019':
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    Supply Chain Planning Made Easy!

    Hey friends! We have just published a new (free) Ebook on how to improve your Supply Chain Performance and increase your Supply Chain Planning Efficiency. Download it here:
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    What is Supply Chain Management (Video)

    It's all around Us! I'll be sharing some videos from our YouTube channel here as part of improving the Forum content.
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    Does robotics in Warehouses work?

    Is there anyone in this forum, who has an experience with robotics in warehouses? I have heard and read a lot about this, how robotics could be helpful in generating revenue, easing out logistics and improving the overall supply chain management. I personally think at this stage the...
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    Different types/models of supply chain management and the various tools used for each

    The supply chain is a critical network that links organisations to their suppliers on the one hand and their customers, on the other hand, to ensure a specific product or service is delivered as desired. The supply chain field spans multiple branches and schemes, using the right models for the...
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    What are some barriers to technology adoption in Supply Chain and Logistics

    What are some of the biggest barriers to technology adoption in Supply Chain and Logistics? There appears to be ample opportunity and tools available to build "smart" solutions and automation within the supply chain, but adoption doesn't appear to be an automatic "yes" for a lot of companies...
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    Impact of self driving cars supply chain

    With the rapid emergence of technology, the self driving cars are also going to transform the supply chain and logistics industries. But as every technology is consist of some limitations and drawbacks. I want to know that how negatively it can impact the supply chain business.
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    What are the new trends in logistics and supply chain management?

    We all know that recently we have been experiencing a turning point in procurement, logistics and supply management. But there are some trends and good practices which will always stay valuable.
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    Supply chain trends 2018

    What are some of the most reliable supply chain trends which can lead the one to adhere to good profit out of the business.
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    Freigt forwarding

    Does the various freight forwarders offers customs brokerage and trade compliance advice? If yes, how much will it cost?
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    Traditional supply chain vs Green supply chain

    Hi, Myself suman and I am blogger by profession and I am here for some information regarding the Supply chain. I need to know the difference between the traditional and green supply chain. Please help.
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    Adapting Supply-Chain Management Systems to a New Retail Culture

    Check out the full article: Hope you enjoy!