supply chain analytics

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    Enroll in Industry's First Online Network Design Course

    Hi, I just opened enrollment to my course Supply Chain Network Design with Excel. This course is one of my flagship courses and will help you learn and master how to use optimization to design an efficient and responsive supply chain. But what really makes Supply Chain Network Design with...
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    The Complete Guide to a Supply Chain Analyst Career for Freshers

    Supply chain analyst has emerged as one of the most popular supply chain career options in last decade or so. The importance of supply chain management in overall business management has increased significantly. Combine this with the increasing complexity of supply chains and you can explain why...
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    Master Supply Chain Optimization & Boost Your Supply Chain Career

    Want to boost your supply chain career? Want to master supply chain optimization? Want to learn the discipline that made Walmart and Amazon two most successful companies on the planet? Take this Udemy bestseller - "The Comprehensive Supply Chain Network Design Course". Worried about taking a...
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    Are you ready to cash in on the Supply Chain Talent Crisis?

    The demand to supply ratio for supply chain professionals exceeds 6:1…. We have been hearing about the supply chain talent crisis for quite some time now. MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics published a white paper on “Are You Prepared for the Supply Chain Talent Crisis?” in 2010. The...
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    Are you ready to cash in on the Supply Chain Talent Crisis?

    Here is my take on the current supply chain talent crisis and how this is an opportunity. Read my blog on Linkedin:
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone, I am excited to be part of this wonderful community !! I am a supply chain modeler based out of India. I have worked in the past with General Mills and now work as an independent consultant and trainer. I am passionate about supply chain analytics and would love to share my...
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    Webinar - Boston, USA - Interactive Analytics

    Free Webinar on Interactive Analytics Learn why software-as-a-service (SaaS) is one of the fastest growing trends in business intelligence for Supply Chain, in particular. Hear Boris Evelson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, share the five use cases for SaaS BI and the typical SaaS...