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    Consignment stock with a third party

    Hi. Imagine the following; Suppliers in Italy with customer in Sweden(me). Long leadtimes lead to a high in-stock value. More frequent deliveries? - Too expensive and not environmental friendly. Soloution? - Consignment stock --> stock restrain for in-house soloution --> External CS with a...
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    SCM software

    What is driving the need for new SCM software?
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    Introduction Thread

    Hi there, I am a newbie here. Myself suman verma, a writer by profession. I possess some knowledge about the SCM adn logistics and I am here to adhere to more about the same.
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    Survey on SCM, CPFR, and Analytics

    Hey there folks, we would hereby like to invite you to participate in our research project! The research project is part of our master thesis at the chair of integrated information systems at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Our master thesis is focused on the concept of...
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    Can we achieve Supply Chain Management Cost Reduction this way?

    Ever increasing customer expectations, supply chain becoming more and more complex driven by globalization, increased volatility and shrinking margins have put much higher pressure on managing your shipping costs and time. This, when combines with shortages of drivers, trucks, railcars, ocean...
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    SPM; Introduction

    Hello Members just to introduce myself, my name is Aedan Toal. I work for Biznet Solutions; the leaders in Supplier Performance Management. I look forward to connecting with all of you, best wishes Aedan Biznet Solutions
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    iPad supply chain success shows why Apple is no. 1 in AMR Top 25 supply chains

    The hype around iPad reached its pinnacle when Apple announced that from 12th March this year, they will start accepting pre-orders and from there their journey to fulfill the demand across US started. Nothing unusual, they planned to make things work in terms of high percentage of on-time...
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    5 ideas to implement Strategic Sourcing and Save Organizational Cost

    The biggest objectives of sourcing operations are to save cost and make sure that right material is available at right time. Since both pull each other in terms of getting one of them fulfilled makes the other one unfulfilled, it has become a dire need for the industry today to move from the...
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    Supply Chain Visibility

    Guys, I have a question. How to increase our end to end supply chain visibility to make sure that we are aware of the incoming material, the stock, pending orders, immediate demand as well as the intransit customer orders - this will enable us to plan better inventory position and free our...
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    Sub-Zero Cash to Cash cycle in Supply Chain

    Supply chains always want to have minimum cash to cash cycle so that the working availability is more and better ROI can be achieved. But, they take wrong measures sometime to reduce the C2C cycle in their endeavor to reach a figure of zero and sometimes to a negative value - Do we need to...
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    How to free up working capital by improving supply chain efficiency & visibility?

    Global inventory visibility is one of the ways to free up our working capital as highlighted at Supply Chain Management and ERP Notes but what are the other potential ways and methods which can help us in reducing the working capital so that it can be invested in expansion plans or other...
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    How to improve DQI to boost supply chain performance?

    Supply Chain Performance measurement and its improvement is one of the key strategies for all Chief Supply Chain Officers these days and DQI, as highlighted in "DQI Role in Supply Chain Performance", has a large role to play. What are the different ways, we can improve the DQI for a...
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    SCM Challenges for 2010

    I found the list of 2010 challenges for Supply Chain Management at "SCM Challenges for 2010" and would like this group to validate the top challenges like reduction in lead times, supplier collaboration and others.
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    How to calculate Data Quality Index to improve supply chain performance?

    They say that you can improve only what you can measure and if you are measuring the wrong thing, you will improve that only. In other words, "data quality and completeness" drive supply chain performance substantially (courtesy: Data Quality Index importance in SCM ) so what factors about data...
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    What key metrics to attack, to optimize your inventory?

    Traditionally, it has been understood that to improve customer service you have to have high levels of inventory. This ensures that orders are filled quickly. But it also means that the value of your inventory is high, to the detriment of your organization as it ties up cash and warehouse space...
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    greetings from paul

    hello every one, greetings from paul. I have a few questions, i am currently working as a functional consultant (manufacturing domain) with 4 yrs of implementation exposure, i am planning to shift to scm consultant. the questions are below: Which scm certification is most saught after? I have...
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    Master in SCM in Amsterdam and surronds

    Hi all, I´m moving to Amsterdam/Rotterdam next year willing to do a Master in SCM. Anyone knows any good university/course? Thanks in advance, Ilidio