1. C


    Hello, My name is Carli and I'm a college aged intern for a steel tank manufacturing company in Missouri. My job is to come up with idea for things that our customers (mostly procurement mangers) would like to read or use. I have an idea for something, but my mangers wanted to see if this would...
  2. K

    Looking for "work from home" Purchasing / Supply Chain position

    I am looking for a Purchasing / Supply Chain position where the work can be done from home. It can be an entry level or experienced level position. If anyone in this community knows where I can find a job like this, please point me in the right direction. The company doesn't have to be a U.S...
  3. Corzhens

    Forecasting of prices

    In my casual chat with a supervisor in the purchasing unit of the General Services department, I learned that they do a kind of prices forecasting for some items that they order. For example, the coupon bond paper sometimes fluctuates in prices and it is usually high in the first part of the...
  4. C

    Survey: Sustainable Procurement

    You are invited to participate a dynamic new research project entitled "Dimensions of Purchasing Social Responsibility in Sustainable Supply Chain Organizations." I am a doctoral student at Northcentral University in Prescott Valley, AZ., and for my dissertation, I am reaching out to...
  5. C

    Pilot Study Participants Needed

    Hello, My name is Cynthia Wolfe and I am conducting research as part of degree requirements at Northcentral University. I have developed a survey directed towards supply chain professionals who develop and carry out purchasing strategies. I have also prepared a Pilot Study in advance of...
  6. B

    Sourcing commission

    Hi all, What formula can be used to calculate a Sourcing commission/bounse for a Purchasing Agent? And to how to control the limitations for this formula? what are the best practices mainly for the big volumes (tonnes)? Any idea? Many thanks
  7. S

    Who is involved in Purchasing Process?

    Can you please, list any or all positions (job titles) that are involved in Purchasing Process? An Example would be Buyers. But it looks like, this is more like a description, not a job title. What are the job titles that are decision-makers when it comes to working with suppliers? Thanks Sasha
  8. S

    Global Suppliers - meet U.S. and Canada Buyers

    Welcome to SupplierEvaluations.com Welcome to SupplierEvaluations.com, a web-based, business-to-business community of buyers and supply chain management professionals. SupplierEvaluations.com is dedicated to collecting and disseminating supplier performance evaluations based on peer to peer...
  9. S

    Hello from Philippines

    Hello All... I was browsing the net looking for supply chain improvement and innovation forums :confused:and then I suddenly came accross this site:).. have not fully explored all the posts but I'm really looking forward to talk to you all especially in supply chain matters...;:) I'm...
  10. J

    USA-PA Sr Buyer (candidates send resume to jim@fpclex.com)

    SR BUYER LOCATION: PA SALARY: $50-65k + 5% bonus REPORTS TO: Purchasing Manager SUPERVISES: Indirect: Buyers Assistant 2 SUMMARY: Procure MRO, Capital Expense and/or Finished Goods at Least Total Cost. Leverage the Company’s buying power, using legal and ethical means, to properly balance...