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    Customer Survey with regards to SCM - Project: improve customer satisfaction

    Hi! I am an intern with the assignment to interview key customers in order to find out what the company can offer them additionally to their great product from a supply chain perspective (e.g. a consignment stock). There is an assumption that customers would like to receive more flexibility. Now...
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    Need some help with Overflow

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with our current overflow process where it is not being followed by operators. The inventory we hold is not in our control, and we do not have the ability to scan-to-putaway or designated locations. I'm looking for a solid "manual" process that will allow us to be...
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    Check Your Spam Folder When Joining!

    Hi, For new members registering on this Forum, you'll be sent an email confirming your registration. I'm sure you've used this process before. Once you validate your registration by clicking on the link in that email, you'll be able to join us as a member. This process is required to cut...