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    Would you employ someone with no qualifications?

    If someone came to you and begging for a job, the first thing you will do is ask for their qualifications. The person might tell you they do not have it because all their papers got burned in the house. You might go ahead and tell them that they have no business there but they might insist and...
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    [Full-time] - Logistic Director - Montreal, QC, Canada

    BBG Management Corporation has an opportunity for a Logistics Director in Montreal, QC. The ideal candidate will obtain a position with one of the country’s top food distribution corporations. This individual would ideally be able to eventually take on the role of VP. Responsibilities: -...
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    Supply Chains Jobs required in the Oil industry

    First of all, glad to join the Logistics / Supply Chain community here. I have found that the best way to get started in Logistics Jobs in the oil and gas industry is to begin by having a look at an oil & gas specific job board and seeing which roles are available. In my opinion, it's important...
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    Job rotation.

    I have seen this mainly in banking sector. Employees take care of different work profiles like cashier, loan facilitator, PRO etc. I think the major benefit is that the employee will become an all rounder and capable of doing any job. So in case an employee is on leave anybody can handle his...
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    Is the boss always right?

    Most of us long to be employed and when we land that job, its always a joyful moment. We promise ourselves to do our best and pledge to our bosses full cooperation and dedication. After a few months at the job, we get to learn and understand our bosses better. A boss is a person who is...
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    Looking for "work from home" Purchasing / Supply Chain position

    I am looking for a Purchasing / Supply Chain position where the work can be done from home. It can be an entry level or experienced level position. If anyone in this community knows where I can find a job like this, please point me in the right direction. The company doesn't have to be a U.S...
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    Are you content with your job?

    I am a business student and am unsure of the direction to take after my education. What are you doing? Are you happy?
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    Freight Agent Position Available

    Markis Transport is looking for experienced Freight Agents. We are asset based and offer a 60/40 split with FULL office back support and unsaturated agent pool. You will be getting on the ground floor of our agent program so you can imagine what that can mean for your future being one of the...
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    USA - Los Angeles - CEO

    Please send resumes to MUST HAVE 10+ YEARS 3PL EXPERIENCE COMPANY Our client is a warehouse-based logistics company located primarily in the Western United States. The client provides a wide-range of warehousing and transportation services throughout North America...