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    Sourcing from this country keeps me up at night

    Curious as to what country gives you the most worry when sourcing from. I've heard people get really nervous around W. Africa for the geo-political risk, but curious as to thoughts. Best, Dermott
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    Hi - looking to learn global logistics!

    Hello everyone, I own a used clothing recycling company and am launching internationally to markets in Nigeria and Malaysia at the time. I am just beginning to learn about some of the challenges with shipping sea freight to various locations around the world, and would really appreciate any tips...
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    I am looking for a job in NY, NJ, CT area, but can move, if necessary.

    Contact info: odessa12 (arf) OBJECTIVE: I would like to combine and use gained work experience with my BA in Economics. I am looking for Full or Part Time job in Analysis, Planning or Operations in NJ/NY/CT area(but may consider relocation for the right opportunity). I am...