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    innovative set of tools for optimizing loading space and containers

    Hey, I don't know if I'm posting in the right thread. If not, feel free to point me in the right direction. But I hope you can help: We’ve created software (I believe the most advanced one on the market) that basically solves bin packing problem. The basic description of it is this: the...
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    Load Optimization Software

    Dear SCS members, I would like to receive your comments/feedback on an ERP-integrated SAAS that would 3D render a list of products in a van/cargo/plane. The solution would consider the products requirements and use an algorithm to optimize the position of the material in the van. Therefore, the...
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    Freigt forwarding

    Does the various freight forwarders offers customs brokerage and trade compliance advice? If yes, how much will it cost?
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    Want to order freight in a minute?

    Hello colleagues! Remember your last time getting quotation from logistics company. How was the proccess to you? What was the biggest concern? My name is Valeriy and I represent well known international transport company. We are working on a new product which is intended to bring essential...
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    Freight rate monitoring

    Hello :) I work in the commodity business and anticipating freight trends is of the upmost importance for us. I am currently struggling to obtain reliable, consistent and systematic data on such trends (for some identified key lanes). Do you know any website I should look at? My scope of...
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    IT's Role in Freight Management

    As industry focuses on transportation as a core savings opportunity, Information Technology becomes a challenge as well as an opportunity. The transportation of materials and supplies has tactical and strategic components demanding management and business efficiency to control costs and...
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    5 Keys to Maximum Inbound Freight Savings

    1. Thorough “up front” benchmarking. Very few healthcare providers require that the 3PL conduct a thorough benchmarking of the suppliers costs, versus the supplier’s costs before implementing. Without a good benchmark to compare future costs, you will never know how much you are really...
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    International Freight Ports Website

    I would like to let you know about a new website which lists international freight ports and provides details on the port facilities, characteristics and location. The site is powered by a large Google Map which can be veiwed as either a satellite image or road map. The detailed information...
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    Importing heavy freight to US ports

    Hello all, I am researching handling heavy containers into US ports. I would like to import 20' containers at ~26MT (about 57,000 lbs). Then do whatever I have to do to get them broken down either at port or in a warehouse and trucked inland. Does anybody have experience with this kind of...
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    Transportation Network Capacity Concepts

    A few questions about large-scale freight transportation networks: 1. To what extent are trains/planes/trucks/ships typically assigned to regular routes or links between hubs at the regional and international scales? a.) Are assets allocated against anticipated needs based on long-range...
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    Visibility into the Transportation Process is Now Affordable

    With the increased use of technology to follow shipments in transit, it is no longer a novelty for our orders to be tracked from the time we place them to the moment they are delivered. In fact, we might even be surprised when this level of visibility is not available. When I bought a book...