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    Is casual dress code allowed in your company?

    Here in telecom and banking sectors especially management is strict in using formal dress code for employees. But on weekend days like Saturdays (when there will be very few customers to deal with) employees are allowed to wear casual dresses. When an employee deal with an external customer he...
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    Hi there!

    Hi, I am from India and I have been working in a telecom service company. I have been in the field for more than 10 years now and enjoying my career here. I am curious to know more about working atmosphere prevailing in various companies across the globe and I am sure this is an apt...
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    Benefit of using Project Management Templates

    Multi-million money tasks have one thing in typical, and that is they have to use venture control software layouts to be able to review effectively. When a venture is applied, it requires more than execution and outcomes to make it a success; it requires reliable confirming back to the traders...