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    Consignment stock with a third party

    Hi. Imagine the following; Suppliers in Italy with customer in Sweden(me). Long leadtimes lead to a high in-stock value. More frequent deliveries? - Too expensive and not environmental friendly. Soloution? - Consignment stock --> stock restrain for in-house soloution --> External CS with a...
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    Case study transport to germany

    Hi, I'm working at a case study that looks through the eyes of a 3PL freight forwarder. Now the case comes with the following data The blue dots represent shipments made from the Netherlands and Belgium towards Germany. The intensity of the blue dot represents how often a shipment is made...
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    Student Consulting project on choice and use of 3PLs

    Hey everyone, My name is Stuart Case I am part of a student research team that is doing a summer project on how companies choose, evaluate, and use 3PLs. We are conducting phone interviews that last between 15 and 20 minutes and they can be done at your convenience. We only need about 10 more...
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    Food Grade Warehouse

    One thing I am confident about Diversified Entities is that their Food Grade Warehouse has 24/7 online access to current inventories, order processing, and order history. As a client that choose them as your provider, you're at ease.
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    Lasting Values: What Every Professional Should Bring on the Job

    By Mike Challman, Vice President, North American Operations, ChemLogix, LLC When I was a younger man, I developed and, then, refined over the years a simple list of tenets to guide my personal and professional life. As I’ve grown as a leader, I’ve seen clearly how these principles yield a very...
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    Seven Questions to Determine If Your Logistics Provider is a “True Professional”

    What are the risks of assuming that any third-party logistics company can efficiently and safely manage your freight activity? Many people might just assume that all transportation modes and services are basically the same thing. The equipment looks similar, doesn’t it? Trucks travel on the...
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    Are You Getting The Most From Your 3PL?

    3PLs typically offer a range of important supply chain management services that support customers’ daily transportation operations including: o Shipment information tracking o Accurate billing o International shipment bookings o Warehouse and carrier coordination But you should expect more...
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    Do Your Carriers Find Your Freight Attractive?

    Next year, the market will still experience a shortage of carriers for freight transport. While a modest 3 percent growth is forecasted for trucking this year and into 2012, Noel Perry, a FTR senior consultant, notes that capacity might be enough to maintain freight rates but not to replace...
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    South Bend Indiana US - Logistics Manager Position Available

    The Logistics Manager at Better World Books is at the center of our Supply Chain. This person will oversee the daily operation of the Logistics Department from freight booking, client support to local pick up management. In this position the proper candidate will be asked to support our...
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    Shorter Cash-To Cash-Cycles Ensure Chemical Shippers Have Money as Econoy Improves

    As the economy improves, chemical shipments will be on the rise. Companies that had held onto cash will start to address capital expenditures and investments put on hold until recession conditions improved. Now is the time for companies to evaluate their cash to cash cycles to ensure cash flow...
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    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've worked for IntegraCore, LLC for 2 years. We are a 3rd Party Logistics partner to many new companies. I joined this forum as a way to stay informed, be a part of a community of 3PL'ers and to help others in any way I can. Thank you! ~MissMarketing@IntegraCore
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    Limited Truck Capacity Makes Intermodal An Attractive Transportation Alternative

    With the continuing competition to contract quality truckers to transport products across country, Intermodal freight shipping provides an attractive transportation alternative to OTR trucking for shipments over 750 miles. Offering economic and environment benefits, in addition to addressing the...
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    « Top Five Benefits of ISO Tank Containers vs. OTR Tank TruckLogistics Outsourcing: D

    Each company must look to its strengths to answer this question for itself. But the answer is likely to be yes ….to some extent. Two questions help to begin to frame the answer are: 1) what expertise and capabilities should we have in-house based on our size and the criticality for each...
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    Logistics Outsourcing: Does it make sense for everyone?

    Each company must look to its strengths to answer this question for itself. But the answer is likely to be yes ….to some extent. Two questions help to begin to frame the answer are: 1) what expertise and capabilities should we have in-house based on our size and the criticality for each...
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    Intermodal rail transport of chemicals to Mexico offers cost savings

    Compared to the roads, Mexico has a good rail system, extending across most of the country BY SHIFTING freight from trucks to rail, chemical shippers not only save on transportation costs, but also reduce highway congestion and pollution. A Chemical products are among the top US exports to...
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    Intermodal Offers a Greener Way to Ship

    As companies evaluate new ways to reduce freight costs as well as their carbon footprint, alternative transportation mode options should be considered when moving freight long distances. While trucking remains the most dominant mode of shipping product domestically, intermodal freight transport...
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    Higher Ocean Carrier Rates/Unreliable Service Challenge Global Chemical Logistics

    Last year, ocean freight rates increased dramatically as ocean carriers tried to recover from devastating profit loss. As carriers reduced capacity by taking vessels out of service, space on existing vessels became very limited. As a result, shippers had to pay rates higher than contracted to...
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    Five Key Benefits That 3PLs Offer Chemical Shippers

    Chemical shippers contract 3PLs to gain additional resources, technology and assets unavailable in their own logistic departments to optimize and automate supply chain operations. More than vendors who merely provide certain contract services, 3PLs should serve as long-term partners in helping...
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    3PLs – Not Banks – Offer Seamless, Paperless Solutions for Freight Audit and Payment

    About half a century ago, the transportation marketplace was heavily regulated. Motor carrier bills had to be paid within seven days and rail within five days. Seeing an opportunity for new business, many banks began to offer freight payment services. Chemical shippers contracted these...
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    Impact of the Global Supply Chain on Inventory

    The global supply chain is inherently a process of many handoffs to a variety of service providers who must expertly and timely execute their functional responsibilities to i nsure the successful coordination of an international shipment. Assuming no major bottlenecks occur during the management...