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    What happened to the site?

    Sorry about that. It was a major malfunction of the software. We changed it all to a new Platform. So we'll be tidying it all up in the coming days and making it look better!
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    New Members - Drop in Here to Say Hi

    For any new members do drop in here to say Hi.
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    Sorry for the Disruption

    Sorry that the site was down for a week! We upgraded the software and ran into a few challenges. As part of the upgrade we'll be adding lots of new content and features! But........... I think it's time to retire the Bar Talk and Tall Stories Forums...... All in keeping with lifting the...
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    We are moving this weekend

    Hi Everyone. We are moving the site this weekend as planned, at 2:00 pm AEST. (Sydney time) It might take a couple of hours. All logins will remain the same, and this site will get redirected to the new one automatically. The new url is:
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    Change of Name?

    Hi Everyone. I'm thinking of changing the name of the forum, as I've acquired another domain name that I think better describes the community. Supply Chain Forum. After all, this is a 'Forum'. This will means that the website url will change. But don't worry, my web guy will make sure it is...
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    Supply Chain Glossary

    Not sure if you have seen this fairly comprehensive Glossary over on Linkedin.
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    NEW Like Button

    Hi Everyone. We are slowly working through some upgrades for the website that will include a makeover of colour and design. The latest thing to be added was a LIKE Button. You'll find this below each post on the left hand side. Do please use this to show appreciation for posts that you found...
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    What new things would you like to see on this Site?

    Feel free to make suggestions and we'll try to include your ideas in our next site upgrade.
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    Benchmarking for Better Supply Chains - Article

    A great article from Sponsors Logistics Bureau Benchmarking for Better Supply Chains | Logistics Bureau
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    Free Webinar - Benchmarking

    Another free event from our major sponsors....
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    Check Your Spam Folder When Joining!

    Hi, For new members registering on this Forum, you'll be sent an email confirming your registration. I'm sure you've used this process before. Once you validate your registration by clicking on the link in that email, you'll be able to join us as a member. This process is required to cut...
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    New Sub Forum

    Hi Everyone. I thought we should have a specific forum for Outsourcing, given that it's a popular topic. I'll move old threads on this topic into here when I get the chance. In the meantime I might ask Rob O'Byrne of Logistics Bureau (the forum sponsor) to add in a few threads. I know he has...
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    7 Supply Chain Sins to Avoid

    An interesting article from our forum sponsors....... What sins would you add to the list? The 7 Supply Chain SIns
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    More Free Events in Australia

    7 Supply Chain Sins. Details and Registration are here: Next Free Training Seminar SeriesRegistration Links: Brisbane - Melbourne - Sydney
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    Site Rebuild

    Apologies for all the drama with these site over the last few months. It has been a bit of a nightmare behind the scenes. Hackers, server issues. but all now resolved. The site has just been completely rebuilt.
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    Poll: How Long have you been looking?

    Just curious. For those who have been looking for a job, how long have you been looking?
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    Supply Chain Mobile App

    Hi, I have been thinking of building a Supply Chain mobile App. For iPhone and Android. So the big question is...what do you think would be the most useful things to have on the App? It will be a free App. Please tick off anything you would see as useful on the Poll but also write in...
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    Free Event in Australia

    Our major Forum Sponsor, Logistics Bureau, is holding another free event series in Australia. Details are here:
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    Your Free Supply Chain Guide

    Hi Everyone. I'm really sorry that the site was down for so long. Hopefully now, all our technical issues have been fixed. As a 'thank you' for your patience and understanding, I would like to give all our members a free gift. This has kindly been provided by Rob O'Byrne of Logistics...
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    Site is back up!

    Wow, what an ordeal. I'm so sorry the site has been down for so long! We had to totally rebuild the site because some 'sicko' hackers got access to our site and many others using the same platform. But we are back now. As a thank for your patience during our 'down time' I am organising a...