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  1. Jason76

    Breaking into Management

    Management is in big demand in the US. However, though, when I tried to get a management job in the 90s it was a tough sell. Note, the main objection was due to lack of experience. Anyway, how can you get around that obstacle and other ones for that matter? Well, I'm thinking one way might be...
  2. Jason76

    Working on Christmas - Good or Bad Idea?

    Some people hate the idea that some companies force employees to work on Christmas. In addition, a lot of employees resent working on that day. Do you feel that whole practice should stop? Of course, some might argue that employees might get extra pay or some other perk to make up for their...
  3. Jason76

    Robots Taking Over Jobs

    Does anyone feel robots are a threat to the job market? Many have claimed that robotics, not illegal immigration and outsourcing alone have reduced jobs in the United States. Does anyone feel that the companies need to stop using robots and quit exapanding robotic operations? Does anyone feel...
  4. Jason76

    Social Media, Cell Phones, Internet at Work

    What should be the policy for social media, cell phone, and internet usage at work? An abuse of a prohibition or light prohibition of such activities has probably caused a lot of people to be fired. Do you think the administration was too harsh? Anyhow, a worker is on company time. Of...
  5. Jason76


    I'm Jason from Northeast Tennessee, USA and I hope to learn a lot about employment and running a business on this forum. As for myself, I enjoy jogging, bodybuilding, playing guitar and drums, travel, video games, and 3D Art. On the side, I also enjoy internet marketing and working on...