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  1. Jason76

    Experienced staff VS Not experienced

    Re: Experienced staff VS Not experienced Some companies, strangely enough, might want an inexperienced staff on purpose. Can anyone think of some possible jobs where the company delights in training newbies so much that it's the main focus? Well, that's some good points I didn't think of.
  2. Jason76

    Can someone be scammed when outsourcing?

    Re: Can someone be scammed when outsourcing? I'd do a lot of research into any company where I'm doing outsourcing. I mean, yeah, of course, people can get scammed, so does anyone know of good websites where outsourcing companies are reviewed? I'm assuming there is some Angie's List type site...
  3. Jason76

    Important of background check.

    Re: Important of background check. Regarding the subject of truckers, I don't really see how a bad criminal record could hurt a trucking company. I mean, how could a company get ripped off. The trucker just drives the truck. It's not like a bank teller job, you know.
  4. Jason76

    Lack of focus at work

    Re: Lack of focus at work It seems like it would be as simple as a no cell phone policy and the removal of the internet from company computers etc.. However, though, it could be the case where the owners want people to have cell phones and/or computers, but only for company business or...
  5. Jason76

    Experienced staff VS Not experienced

    Re: Experienced staff VS Not experienced I believe a variety of factors need to be weighed in when deciding who is right. In that case, the experienced, though, having an advantage, don't always have a total advantage. However, though, not all companies probably think thru the hiring process...
  6. Jason76


    Re: Experience Too many applicants mean they will always go for the ones who are most attractive for the position. In that case, searching in different locations might make landing a job more possible. However, though, if that's not even possible, then you might want to look into another...
  7. Jason76

    Handling an AWOL employee

    Re: Handling an AWOL employee In some businesses, it's not only alarming - but it can crush a business. I mean, sometimes there is no replacement for a worker either for the short and/or long term. In that case, product production can slip leading to lost profits and in other situations, like...
  8. Jason76

    When supplies are suddenly gone

    Re: When supplies are suddenly gone Going illegal isn't a good idea for one, ethical and religious reasons, and second, you have to be very smart. I mean, the people running drug cartels, for instance, are very smart people.
  9. Jason76

    Petya ransomware hits Maersk

    Re: Petya ransomware hits Maersk Businesses are tied to computers too much. They need a backup plan. For instance, they need a huge paper filing system like they had back in pre-computer days. Does anyone know of anyone that does this? I don't think there are many - if any at all.
  10. Jason76

    Mining is strictly inspected by DENR

    Re: Mining is strictly inspected by DENR In the US, there is a similar problem with fracking. Note, the oil industry there probably causes water contamination and of course, there is the Standing Rock controversy. Anyway, I think big oil and mining will probably get their way because many...
  11. Jason76

    Avoiding shortages

    Re: Avoiding shortages Right, a backup plan is always needed. That's why, for instance, it's good to have a spare tire, emergency money, and insurance. Note, you never know when things will go wrong.
  12. Jason76

    Once a week truck banned on the roads

    Re: Once a week truck banned on the roads The best solution is to do what the US did - build an interstate system. Note, as I mentioned in another thread, my home area once had massive traffic deaths on this certain two-lane US highway known as Bloody 11-W. However, now they have built an...
  13. Jason76

    Small truck doesn’t need a helper

    Re: Small truck doesn’t need a helper In the US, this problem has been solved by the interstate system. However, it wasn't the case in the past. In fact, near my home in Tennessee, there once a highway named Bloody 11-W due to all the accidents. Basically, that US highway was two-laned at the...
  14. Jason76

    When the delivery truck kills

    Re: When the delivery truck kills Truck driving is very appealing to many due to the high wages. However, though, as the OP mentioned, you have to live with the fact you could possibly accidentally run someone over. I suppose it would be like a doctor having to live with the fact that he/she...
  15. Jason76

    Breaking into Management

    Management is in big demand in the US. However, though, when I tried to get a management job in the 90s it was a tough sell. Note, the main objection was due to lack of experience. Anyway, how can you get around that obstacle and other ones for that matter? Well, I'm thinking one way might be...
  16. Jason76

    Social Media, Cell Phones, Internet at Work

    Re: Social Media, Cell Phones, Internet at Work I think people are way too addicted to this stuff nowadays. Of course, though, I am sort of a hypocrite in saying this fact. However, it cannot be denied. Anyway, given human nature, I am all for banning the stuff at the workplace as many...
  17. Jason76

    Excessive overtime work

    Re: Excessive overtime work One business where this seems to be a big problem, at least in the US, is the restaurant business. No doubt they are working people long shifts because nobody wants to do the job. However, ironically, though, people still complain about illegal immigration. Do you...
  18. Jason76

    Granting emergency leaves

    Re: Granting emergency leaves A big problem exists with small companies because they might not be able to grant it. Note that a company with a short staff might be devastated by the unexpected loss of one employee, at least, financially-wise. Therefore, when someone is searching for a job...
  19. Jason76

    Experienced staff VS Not experienced

    Re: Experienced staff VS Not experienced The company should train them outside of work first. In that case, they would be professional from the start. Note, having unprofessional people and professional members who have been at the company awhile simply creates an environment where newbies...
  20. Jason76

    Fitness program

    Re: Fitness program I don't think companies should provide compulsory fitness programs. Note, people are able to get gym memberships pretty cheap now. In fact, they're often around 30 USD in the US and you can pay by the month. However, though, if a company can provide a free voluntary...