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    Route Optimization and Right type of vehicle selection

    Dear Experts, I am working in India in a logistics service company, and I want to create a optimization model in which my objective is to find the best route as well as best vehicle type for the multi point delivery. Is there anyone in the forum who could help me creating the model in excel...
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    Need help in developing linear programming model for vehicle optimization

    Hello Supply Chain experts, I need help in building optimization model of vehicle. I need to find which vehicle to deploy to each customer location? and which part should be placed to each vehicle. The objective is to minimize the overall transportation costs. I have customer requirement by...
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    What Forecasting Model to use?

    Hello Everyone, This question I am posting is to help me forecast aftermarket parts. I believe all aftermarket parts cannot be forecast using one model. So, I did a demand profile based on demand frequency and stability. 1. High Frequency stable demand 2. High frequency unstable demand 3. Low...
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    Lead Time Management

    Hello Everyone, I am working for a client who wants to manage lead time by XXX numbers of parts by bucketing them into groups rather than using absolute lead time number. What are the analysis or performance measures should I ensure before bucketing a certain part into a lead time bucket...