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    Fighting Modern Slavery

    Interesting. Must read more on this!
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    What is cold chain technology and where it is used?

    The technology to measure temperature variation of products through the Supply Chain is now really amazing.
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    Limited Truck Capacity Makes Intermodal An Attractive Transportation Alternative

    I think intermodal works well over long distances. Over shorter distances the additional handling just ads time and cost. Road - Rail - Road for example.
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    What's the Market Like out There?

    Maybe a question for the recruiters? What type of people / roles are the most sought after at the moment?
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    Greetings from Indonesia

    Welcome. Virtual warehouse huh? I saw a presentation on that recently, really cool. A bit like Uber warehousing! Any storage space could be used as a warehouse and integrated into the network with a phone app.
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    Import Duties Website?

    Re: Import Duties Website? This would be really useful!
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    Safety Tips

    Re: Safety Tips Is this just an ad?
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    WH KPI Poll

    Re: WH KPI Poll Picking accuracy MUST be the second, without that service goes through the floor!