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  1. 20FOOT

    Who's to Blame when Logistics Outsourcing Goes Wrong?

    OK, this is a bit of an unfair question, because I think often both parties are to blame. The Client. Is sometimes not open enough about the task required and ofen can't provide enough accurate data for the contract to be accutately costed and resourced. The 3PL Can sometimes be too eager to...
  2. 20FOOT

    CSCMP - Relevant Outside the USA ?

    I joined the CSCMP for a while but gave up. It was too US centric. Even all the membership fees go to the USA not the local Round Tables. So a quick Poll. Have you been a member of the CSCMP and Where do you live? 20Foot
  3. 20FOOT

    Supply Chain 101

    Since the emergence of the terms Physical Distribution management, then Logistics management and now Supply Chain management, it is surprising how many business managers have not developed their thinking in line with the terminology. Physical distribution was and is, all about trucks and sheds...
  4. 20FOOT

    Global Hubs....Where?

    As we get more globalisation of the Suply Chain, Global and REgional hubs continue to spring up. For example in SE Asia, Singapore has always been a major hub. Where do you think the other major hubs are? Amsterdam Hong Kong Los Angeles .....