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  1. Corzhens

    Why Supply-Chain leaders are moving towards Blockchain Technology ?

    I have limited knowledge in blockchain technology for the supply chain industry. My idea is the collection of information that can serve as basis for tracking. This is particularly effective for importation of supplies that the data of delivery are recorded starting from the departure from the...
  2. Corzhens

    Traversing dangerous highways

    In other countries, the highway or freeway is usually well-paved that vehicles have a nice time traveling in the speed limit. Over here the roads are not that well-paved except for the expressways where you pay the toll. In the provincial roads, accidents do happen because of the bad roads as...
  3. Corzhens

    Stranded personnel outside the country

    There is one small company that gave a bonus foreign trip to their employees. More than 10 employees had a nice vacation with all expenses shouldered by the company and the office was closed for a few days. But on their way back home, there is a travel ban that flight for home are all cancelled...
  4. Corzhens

    Security and health in the warehouse

    They say that the flu or the common cold is also contagious and although the cold does not kill but the flu is also lethal. That means the safety measure in the warehouse and office should be strictly implemented. I know it is insulting to check the temperature for fever or to force a visitor to...
  5. Corzhens

    When calamity hits

    I think it is quite too late in the day. But if the customers have a backup supplier then their orders will not be affected much. Some buyers I know have concentrated their purchases from Chinese factories and dealers in China. Now that there is an issue in the travel ban the trading is on a...
  6. Corzhens

    Supply chain transformation and consulting

    Your post made me think deeper about the industry. A strategic roadmap needs not only a study but a gathering of information from the people concerned in the related procedures. Optimization of a procedure in the process is always the direction but it should be remembered that when it ain’t...
  7. Corzhens

    Appropriate design for the company website

    Most websites now are being used as a counter for customers. Guests can register but they needed to be verified by the moderator before being given the privilege of access and an account. For account holders, they can transact business aside from the monitoring of their account. In the years to...
  8. Corzhens

    Uber has the autonomous car

    I have read that in the US and some parts of Europe, there are the autonomous cars which run without driver and navigated by the setting of the GPS. If you will relate that to a truck, it is certainly very possible since the delivery truck has a fixed destination. There is a great potential for...
  9. Corzhens

    Paid training courses for qualified employees

    There are many employers who provide paid training for career advancement. It is an investment that can produce fruits later in the game when the employee improves and stays with the company. That is much better than hiring new employees who are qualified because an employee that raises the...
  10. Corzhens

    Reorder Point formula

    Oh wow, it looks like we are having a deluge of spam posts lately. I wonder why the moderator is not seeing these posts that are obviously spams. Maybe we need more moderators to guard the site against the spammers.
  11. Corzhens

    README FIRST: Give and You Shall Receive ......

    It is obvious that you are already out of line especially that you are treading on this discussion that was started by the admin. I am sorry to say that you are spamming the site so probably you have to go or you can be blocked.
  12. Corzhens

    Canadian Supply Chains?

    With the ongoing economic downturn worldwide because of the corona virus in China, I guess some other countries can provide the supplies although not as cheap as the Chinese products. Buyers will surely be surprised at first but later they will adapt to the higher costing of the new suppliers...
  13. Corzhens

    Worldwide recession caused by the lockdowns in China

    I have to agree that a recession is already starting. China is on a lockdown which means trading is on a halt. They are not only the ones suffering but other countries too that are relying on the supplies coming from the Chinese factories. No sales in China, no deliveries to customer countries...
  14. Corzhens

    Connecting to industry players via social media

    Do you really think that big time industry players would help you with your needs regarding the supplies? But I have to agree that cultivating a connection with industry players has its benefits in the long run especially when you get to have some friends in the industry. That needs time and...
  15. Corzhens

    Do you have any secrets that you're willing to share with us?

    To be frank with you, this forum is expecting members to make sensible posts and not just spam like what you are posting. Kindly refrain from posting spam here, please.
  16. Corzhens

    Advantages of choosing expert moving companies in Wakad Pune, India

    Our company has some good experience with moving companies especially that moving related to the computer and other equipment. The so called “movers” are well-versed with their job that they see to it that the things will not be damaged. They wrap the equipment in bubble wrap whenever possible...
  17. Corzhens

    Corona virus in China

    The issue of the corona virus in Wuhan City will definitely affect the trading of Chinese factories. At present, all factories in the Hubei province are not operating, they were either closed by the local government or on a voluntary shutdown. We still don’t know how long the shutdown would last...
  18. Corzhens

    Reconditioning the warehouse

    Your comment is obviously out of context since this board is all about warehousing and the topic of this thread is the reconditioning of the warehouse. So if you don’t mind please refrain from posting a spam or anything that is not related to this topic.
  19. Corzhens

    How do logistics companies track their trailers and containers?

    I think logistics companies are now using their website for the tracking system that stakeholders can check for their peace of mind. The website shows the view from the CCTV of the trucks aside from the CCTV of the origin which is a clear transparent system to assure the tracking of their trucks...
  20. Corzhens

    Features of supply chain logistics software?

    A simple email can serve as the electronic proof of delivery that is verified by the receiving personnel. The email can contain a screenshot of the actual delivery based on the CCTV video if necessary. But for me, what’s more interesting is the automated dispatch and scheduling because that will...