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    Outsourced or Not?

    Hi, You often read articles that state Logistics Outsourcing is now adopted by up to 85% of organisations. So I'm curious to see what the results are here.....
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    Grocery Retail - Produce Waste rates?

    Hi, Just curious about acceptable levels of waste in grocery retail produce. (Fruit, Vegetables etc). What do you think are the extremes here in terms of good/bad. For example is 2% really good and is 6% really bad?
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    Overloaded truck pics

    Some great ones here. Click on the link. THen click on the truck pic. It then starts a ppt presention.
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    Deutsche Post Buys Exel for $6.7 Billion

    Anyone know if the deal is coming off yet? See link:
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    Pallets, Slip Sheets or Hand Stack

    Just curious about how companies pack their shipping containers. If you use slip sheets you get more in, but need special handling equipment. If you hand stack, you get more in, but need more labour? What do you do? Let's just poll on Imports.
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    3PL Contract Types

    You hear a lot about new style 3PL contracts, but I have yet to really see any in practice. Still see lots of cost plus style. Has anyone come across any more innovative contract types? Some thing that incentivises 3PL Performance. Is there any detail on the web anywhere that shows how these...
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    Cost To Serve

    Heard a lot about this recently, but can't find much research on it. Isn't it really just activity based costing (ABC)? Are many people doing it?