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    Any Time Study engineers out there?

    Hi Are there any Time Study engineers reading this? I have a question regarding the method for timing picking tasks and would appreciate the views of a professional. Many thanks in advance
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    ISO 9001:2015 - thoughts?

    As per the title; we're currently 'in transition' from the 2008 standards to the new 2015 version, is anyone else going through this? What are your thoughts on the new standard? What problems are you facing / anticipating?
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    How do you measure / target your warehouse productivity?

    I'm posting this to generate genuine debate. I've spent 30+ years in warehousing, the last 15 years in management positions with some of the UK's best known companies (in-house or 3PL services). I'm absolutely amazed and confounded by the way in which the vast majority (talking 85%+) of...
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    Measuring Outbound Pallets

    Hi, I'm trying to source a piece of kit which will allow our despatch team to accurately measure the height / length / width of outbound pallets. Whilst we'll endeavour to keep all stock within the boundaries of the pallet, on occasion there will be a small overhang and we're getting hammered...